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Nov 17, 2015



Can’t Wait for the Future!

New Levitating Trains Could Get You from NYC to D.C. in an Hour

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Peter DeStefano on November 12, 2015

Imagine floating out of New York City and across the countryside on a levitating train. Sounds like something from a dream, right? 

Soon it may be a reality all across the region

A Washington, D.C. based company called The Northeast Maglev (TNEM) is heading a project to bring a superconducting magnetically levitating 300 mph train line to life in the most the most congested part of the country, the Northeast.

They are on their way with guidance from Maglev tech world leaders, Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central), as well as a $27.8 million grant from the Federal Railroad Administration. 

The design is similar to Japan’s world record-setting Tokyo-Osaka maglev (magnetic levitation) line that reaches 373 mph and would shoot from D.C. to NYC in one hour 

The concept of a superconducting magnetically levitating train was conceived by American physicists before undergoing 50 years of research and development overseas in Japan, and now it’s back to our shores, bringing us to the cutting edge of rail transport technology, speed, and even amenities.