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Oct 24, 2016

If your boat stays inside during the winter or is subject to experience large swings in temperature and humidity, guard against an interior full of mildew by placing a product such as "DampRid" in containers throughout the boat. Be sure the interior is well-ventilated. Of course, don't store any damp gear (life jackets, anchor lines, etc.) inside, and remove all seat cushions and seats that cover storage compartments.

Consider A Solar Solution

When your boat is closed, warming daytime air sucks moisture into the interior from outside, which condenses out when the cabin cools at night. A few days of this and the interior of your closed boat is as wet as a rain forest. The result is damage to fabrics, woods, and probably even the fiberglass. Passive ventilation beats nothing, but a solar ventilator does a much better job of keeping the interior of a closed boat fresh and dry. Set to exhaust, a solar ventilator will exchange all the air in the closed cabin of a 25-foot boat every 30 minutes. Select a day/night ventilator and this circulation continues around the clock. The effect on the freshness of the cabin will astonish you.