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Oct 02, 2017

As the boating season begins to wind down, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your valuable recreational asset. The effort you spend now will have a definite effect on your boat's performance, or lack of it, and certainly save you time, effort and money come spring. You should remember that your insurance policy may not cover damage done by lack of maintenance or neglect.

The best place for your boat to be during the winter is out of the water, under cover, in a climate-controlled boat storage area. This, however, can be expensive. If you can’t afford this option,   you should consider shrink-wrapping your boat. This, provides a very protective cover. Short of these two items, make sure that your boat is well covered with a tarp or some other sturdy cover.

Your first step in winterizing should be to make a checklist of all items that need to be accomplished. Check the owner's manual of both your boat and motor for manufacturer's recommendations on winterization. If you are a boat owner,  you should consider hiring  a winterizing professional to do the job.

Only a Certified Dealer, (like Steve's Marine Service), can perform the recommended manufacturer's services to keep your yacht in the condition to perform to its peak potential. Non certified service centers do not receive the latest notifications, training and documentation to make sure the vessels are performing at top capacity.

Out of Water Storage

Pressure wash hull, clean barnacles off props and shafts, rudders, struts and trim tabs.
Clean all thru-hulls and strainers.
Open seacocks to allow any water to drain.
Check the hull for blisters and if you find any that should be attended make a note to tell your service manager.
Now is a great time to give the hull a good wax job.
Be sure the batteries are fully charged and switches are turned off.

Ask us about our full winterization and storage programs.