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Nov 02, 2016

Shrink-wrapping? Take Care And let the pro's handle it


Shrink-wrapping is a great way to protect your boat over winter, It is, as long as its’ done the right way. Shrink-wrap can  ignite your boat while you're trying to wrap it. Every year there are fires caused by owners trying to shrink-wrap their boats, and almost all the fires were serious. In one claim in Michigan, the owner of a 34-foot Sea Ray used a roofing flame torch to tighten the wrap. After seeing smoke coming from inside the cockpit, he cut the wrap open and found flames, which quickly got out of control. Before the fire department could put out the fire, two boats were destroyed and three others were damaged. Fire and flammable shrink-wrap (and equally flammable fiberglass) don't mix. All it takes is a moment of inattention to ignite shrink-wrap, and sometimes the flames aren't visible right away. Shrink-wrap is one job best left to the pros.

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