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Feb 15, 2016

So I'm all for common sense and prudent thinking and all, but cancelling an ice festival in February because its too cold? Really?

Like what temperatures were you expecting? If you are into stuff like this , don't you think they are into the cold?

What do you think?

MANHATTAN, NY — An ice festival planned for Valentine’s Day weekend in Central Park has been canceled because it’s too cold, park officials announced Friday.

At the festival, scheduled from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 13, ice sculptors from Okamoto Studio were commissioned to “use electric chain saws, chisels, and picks to transform more than 6,000 pounds of ice into a glistening replica of one of the Park’s most beloved statues.”

Event organizers said they were forced to cancel the ice festival due to a frozen weekend forecast.

“Due to extreme temperatures and high winds the Central Park Ice Festival scheduled for this Saturday, February 13 is cancelled,” they wrote on Facebook. “It will not be rescheduled.”

Patch has reached out to officials at the Central Park Conservancy for more details on the cancellation, in hopes they will respond with some sort of nerdy winter pun. We have yet to hear back.