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Apr 06, 2016

For those who want to keep their boats in one location or want to make things a bit simpler by keeping their boat on the water, a slip is a great option.

Renting a slip at our marina is one of quickest and most convenient ways to dock your boat. Getting out on the water can be as easy as driving to the marina, climbing aboard and pushing off. Plus, you never have to worry about where you’re going to park her when you’re done.

And our marina? It’s a full-service station for you and your boat. Marinas provide amenities such as electricity, access to fuel, wash-down water, telephone/internet and other services. We also offer winter storage. and our marina is also a great gathering place for boaters and non-boaters alike. It’s provides a cozy spot to mix and mingle, without all the snobbery of some other spots. Plus, how many other places let you bring your boat in with you? (Tip: A boat makes for an excellent wingman.)