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May 09, 2016

So you think you might want a brand new boat?

Propulsion technology in the boats is changing. Larger pleasure boats 20 years ago were powered by inboard engines or sterndrives. Outboard engines tended to be larger gas-guzzling two-strokes, and the biggest outboards available were less than 200 horsepower.

According to Sea Ray’s Ron Berman, "Probably the biggest thing that's happened in 20 years is outboard technology," particularly with four-stroke engines, which bring state-of-the-art technology in digital shifting and joystick docking. And most significantly for coastal boaters, they avoid the corrosion problems of a lower end left in saltwater.”

 There are many more bells and whistles in the boats of today — integrated chart plotters, Zeus pods, joystick docking and automatic station-keeping for diesel-powered boats, Wi-Fi networks, lighter retractable hardtops, and so on.

All these helpful developments, joined with all the design and building refinements in play at state-of-the-art builders, have created well-built innovative boats designed to perform better, accommodate people more comfortably, and deliver better integrated features, all at a more competitive price than was dreamed possible decades ago.

So if you think you want new, go for it. if you can't quite afford new, ask us......we have solutions for almost every budget.