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Jan 29, 2018

Towels For After-Swim Drying

Light colors reflect sunlight while dark colors absorb it. That absorbed light turns into thermal energy, making dark towels dry more quickly. Ideally, this gives you a dry towel rather than a damp one for your second dip of the day.

Clear Vision

Salt spray can quickly coat the lenses of eyewear. Dim vision is the result, often accompanied by eyestrain. An easy solution is a small trigger bottle filled with fresh water. Several strong squirts on the face of each lens dissolve and carry away the salt film, rendering those fuzzy numbers on instruments clear again. It's not necessary to wipe the lenses after spraying as the remaining spots of clear water will not have a large effect on vision and the fresh water quickly evaporates. Restore your vision this way without even removing the eyewear, and on a hot day you'll get the added benefit of a bit of evaporative cooling on your forehead.

Shrinking Canvas

Some types of canvas shrink when wet. If you leave the canvas exposed to dew, then try to snap it on first thing in the morning, it won't fit. Eliminate the problem by stretching it out in the sun and allowing it to dry thoroughly. Then keep it dry before putting it on. Canvas-fitting problems often result when the frame's top becomes slightly bent. Luckily, you can get canvas extensions (available from West Marine), which fit between the canvas and the snap, making an easy fit possible no matter the cause.

Water With A Handle

Carry extra water in collapsible jugs. You can fold these up and get them out of the way when they're empty. You can also use them to heat water for showers. Just leave them in the sun. Better still, cover them with a black garbage bag and they'll heat up quickly. Wash out before reusing.